Cor 23

Audible ‘pacer’ headset



Cor 23


Audible ‘pacer’ headset


In conjunction with the correct coaching methods, timing is a vitally component for any exercise regime or sporting activity.

This unique headset provides an audible instruction to a user or team of users during their exercise programme. These signals will allow athletes to identify when, and for how long effort is required. One of the unique features of this product is its ability to adapt to a wide variety of activities and levels of expertise by the use of additional ‘plug-in’ modules. These modules will be available in a variety of formats, ranging from ‘pre-programmed’ units with a set progression path, through to ‘programmable’ modules that allow a user to create their own regime. There will also be additional modules that will provide increased functionality such as inter-team communication and solid state music players.


Industrial Design / Ergonomic Design / Engineering Design

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